about us


Dorsa wood was founded in 2012 and has started it work with distribution of raw materials for wood industry.
Dorsa wood based on knowledge, perseverance, investment and it expert team in wood industry has managed to grow noticeably And as the leading company in supplying raw materials for the industry has been always provided new, high-quality products to market.

Dorsa wood with the trend of modernize their machines, will offer all raw materials related to the production chain of office furniture, cabinets Interior decoration In the near future.
Strategic planning efforts to create enabling and efficient base in the wood industry to produce items were as follows:

  • Producing melamine MDF and chipboard
  • Producing tops in different thickness and plywood case.
  • Producing variety of high gloss
  • Producing and selling  Three Millimeter MDF
  • Importing and selling Melamine Paper

 Dear colleagues in wood industry
Dorsa wood is ready to provide all kinds of Chipboard, MDF, high gloss, Tops and Melamine paper.

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